Photo of MEET LEO LOST: specialist and leader of all things lost!

MEET LEO LOST: specialist and leader of all things lost!

The Ministry of Lost & Found is a family friendly afternoon of exploration, fun and laughter taking place at Central Library on Saturday 23rd June.  Ahead of the event, we’re delighted to introduce you to the remarkable Leo Lost, specialist and leader of all things lost!

Hello Leo, tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Leo and I work for the Ministry of Lost & Found as Head of Lost Goods, Lost Sense of Humour and Lost Vibes. I work very closely with my cousin Frankie Found.

Why is the Ministry of Lost & Found coming to Central Library for the day?

We’ve been watching Manchester for a while and realised there is a high frequency of positive playful vibes, so we are here to share the wealth of fun!

Where can we meet you at the event and what will you be doing there?

Myself and Frankie will be based at the Main Entrance, meeting and greeting new Ministry members, handing out maps and doing dullness checks. We will also be flitting around the activities maximising playerisation.

Why do you think Central Library is such as great place to host The Ministry’s 123rd anniversary?

Well we like to use buildings in unorthodox fashions here at the Ministry. Central Library has a MEGA archive collection and alongside its architectural fluidity its packed with knowledge.

What are you most looking forward to about the event at Central Library?

Recruiting new members to the Ministry and sharing the fun activities with them.

The Ministry protects the most curious and precious objects ever lost and found, can you tell us about three things we might discover at Central Library.

Expect the unexpected: expect to be loud in quiet places, big in small places, colourful in dull places. You might find yourself laughing out loud whilst crying with joy!

We want people to make the most of the day! What’s your top-tip for making this happen?

Be open, ask questions, try something new, follow your nose and feel the vibes. 

The Ministry of Lost & Found takes place at Central Library on Saturday 23rd June, 11am -4pm. Suitable for intrepid explorers only, families will pick up a map and get lost on a quest around Central Library. The event is free to attend. Read more here.