Photo of MEET MRS PLEAT & MRS PLAIT: wellbeing weavers extraordinaire!

MEET MRS PLEAT & MRS PLAIT: wellbeing weavers extraordinaire!

The Ministry of Lost & Found is a family friendly afternoon of exploration, fun and laughter taking place at Central Library on Saturday 23rd June.  Ahead of the event, we’re delighted to introduce you to the wonderful Mrs Pleat & Mrs Plait, weavers of wellbeing and words of wisdom.

Hello Mrs Pleat and Mrs Plait, what’s your role at The Ministry of Lost & Found?
Hello! We’re wellbeing weavers who love to collect people’s wisdom for others to find in our arty archives.

The Department of Found Wisdom sounds intriguing, tell us more.
The Department collects, stores and looks after the nation’s wisdom so there’s always a place to get tips on how to feel good. It’s a joyful space, and we can’t wait to share it with you and for you to share in it.

What will you be doing at The Ministry of Lost & Found on Sat 23rd June at Central Library?
We’ll be in the Reading Room, ready to welcome everyone – whether you want to just look and listen, or stay, make and play. We’ll be making ‘big weaves for wellbeing’ inspired by the colourful books, and ‘mindful mini weaves’, all accompanied by the magic of the Ministry’s musicians. Normally we’re weaving on our own, so we can’t wait to create, chat and find wisdom with lots of families. Everyone’s invited!

Why do you think Central Library is such as great place to host The Ministry’s 123rd anniversary?

Right in the heart of town, it’s a friendly place where families can explore spaces, find facts, seek stories, be creative and share good times… Where better to lose yourselves in laughter and find fun things to do? A perfect place to celebrate The Ministry of Lost & Found.

What are you most looking forward to about the event at Central Library?

We can’t wait to meet everyone who comes along and find out what wisdom children and families in Manchester want to share!

Sell it to us Mrs Pleat & Mrs Plait! Why should people take part in your activity at The Ministry of Lost & Found?

Oh no – there’s no need to buy anything – it’s all free! Enjoy beautiful colours and calming music. And…if you join us on the Ministry’s 123rd birthday, you could help us break our record for the most wisdom we’ve ever collected in one day!

We want people to make the most of the day! What’s your top-tip for making this happen?

Pack a lunch, grab a map, have a chat, take a look, find a nook…stay, make and play.  Join in as little or much as you like – but come down, bring your curiosity, and give something new a try.

The Ministry of Lost & Found takes place at Central Library on Saturday 23rd June, 11am -4pm. Suitable for intrepid explorers only, families will pick up a map and get lost on a quest around Central Library. The event is free to attend. Read more here.