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World War I’s Hidden Voices

India, Africa, the West Indies and recruitment through culture explored in two parallel exhibitions:

From the Shadows of War and Empire

A documentary exhibition by Southern Voices

Few know about how European powers brought colonies into World War I, took resources from these countries and took the war to ‘fronts’ outside Europe.  An exhibition which finally tells this major part of the story from the colonies’ point of view.  We focus on India, the West Indies, German and British East Africa, and Nigeria – the British Colonies.



A video art installation by Kooj Chuhan

Modern war propaganda began with World War I which obscured its pointlessness and deep colonial connections, while pretending to be the ‘war to end all wars’.  This artwork explores coercion into war, involving an African woman working for a war-themed park.  She finds herself caught between colonial narratives, spirits from the dead and video war games.