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Women of Aktion

An exhibition sharing the story of the German Revolution 1918 and reclaiming the voices of the female revolutionaries who have, until now, been hidden from the official narrative. In November 1918, Germany erupted with a revolution which led to the establishment of the first democracy on German soil, the end of oppressive censorship, and the end of the war.

All across Germany, people took to the streets demanding peace, bread and a new political system, and among them were many women. This exhibition uncovers the hidden voices of the female revolutionaries and shares their eyewitness accounts. What kind of a world did they want and how did they seek to achieve it? Remembering women’s anti-war protest and revolutionary roles are important for activism today to give women back their radical history and remind us that political gains have never been wrested from the powerful and privileged without vocal, organised pressure and collective action, and that nothing has been won or defended without persistence, often over many decades.

Free- please drop in