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The Poetry Exchange

Is there a poem that has been a friend to you? You are invited to book an individual slot to come and explore a poem that has been a friend to you, in conversation with The Poetry Exchange team. The conversation will take place in a quiet corner of Manchester Central Library, over a cup of tea, with two members of The Poetry Exchange team. Together, you’ll explore your chosen poem and the ways it has been a friend to you in your life. In exchange, you’ll receive a gift: a special recording of your chosen poem, inspired by the conversation. You are welcome to bring along a poem written in any language, preferably with an accompanying English translation. The conversation will be held in English but an interpreter can be arranged on request. Alternatively, you are very welcome to bring along a friend or family member to act as an interpreter for you, as part of the conversation.

Please note: we invite you to explore a poem that you have read or encountered, rather than written, since it is the connection between a reader and the words of another that we are exploring through The Poetry Exchange.  

Exchanges (lasting 45 minutes) are still available at the following times:

Friday 21st: 09:30; 10:45; 12:00; 13:30; 16:00

Saturday 22nd: 09:30; 10:45; 12:00; 14:45; 16:00

Free – booking required

To book your visit to The Poetry Exchange – or if you have any questions – please contact Sally Anglesea on [email protected] or 07598 596885