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The Peterloo Photograph with Michael Wood and Michala Hulme

Clearing out his parents house after his mother’s death two years ago, Michael Wood found a box of memorabilia. There were photos, letters, postcards, and books that had belonged to his father, whose family had lived in Failsworth in Manchester from the 1720s. Among them was a photograph from 1884 showing a group of eleven Peterloo veterans from Failsworth. In 1819, young men and women, they had marched with Sam Bamford’s Middleton contingent to St Peters Fields, carrying a banner which they saved from the troops, and now proudly displayed for the camera 65 years on. This is thought to be the only surviving image of Peterloo veterans. So who were they? What were their stories? Starting with the photo Michael uncovers a fascinating tale of family history, local politics and the national story.

Join Michael as he discusses the search for Peterloo Descendants, drawing on Michala Hulme’s research into a photograph of the Failsworth Veterans of Peterloo, in which 11 men and women are pictured together.

There will be a Q&A following the event, exploring the details behind Michala’s research.

Michael Wood

For thirty years now, historian and broadcaster Michael Wood has made compelling journeys into the past, bringing history alive. He is the author of several highly praised books on English history including In Search of the Dark Ages, Domesday, and In Search of England and he has now made well over one hundred documentary films. Michael is currently The University of Manchester’s Professor in Public History.

Michala Hulme

Michala Hulme is a professional genealogist and social historian at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is based at the Manchester Centre for Public History & Heritage. Michala specialises in the period 1800-1950. She has made over 60 appearances on local radio and has featured on national and regional TV programmes, such as Channel 4’s Great Canal Journeys, BBC’s Heir Hunters, Who Do You Think You Are?, Channel 4’s Genealogy Roadshow, Channel 5 News, BBC News and Granada News.

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