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The Alchemy of Love: Rumi Poetry and Music Workshop

A creative exploration of the poetry of Rumi and music composed to his poems. The workshop engages the audience in reciting the poems in English and Persian and sharing impressions of the meaning of the words. Poetry reading is interwoven with performance of songs where the words of the poet take flight on the wings of music

Celebrated 13th century Persian poet Rumi has fired the imagination of millions of readers worldwide as the supreme poet of love. He was born in Balkh, what is now Afghanistan and lived most of his life in Anatolia, modern day Turkey; Rumi composed his poems in his native language, Persian. The poetry of Rumi speaks of universal human ideals of love, joy, harmony and spirituality in a simple, beautiful and touching way.

Workshop Presenters:

Gulcin Bulut is a singer, psychotherapist, and traveller on the path of mysticism.
Pasha Abdollahi is an author, literary translator and student of mysticism.

Sahba Ensemble:

Hamid Tayyebi: violin
Farshid Mahyari: Persian hammered dulcimer, santur
Masoud Ghasemi: Persian frame drum daf
Sahba Daf Group will be accompanying the songs.

Suitable for 7+ years

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