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See My Dunya

Through photography, film, music and sculpture; See My Dunya: See My World brings to focus the seldom seen faces, the un-heard stories and dreams that make up the Somali-British experience.

An invitation into the Somali-Mancunian experiences, it hosts the images, testimonies, sounds and swag of the many individuals that make up this seldomly centred yet hyper-visible community; inviting the viewer to discover and share in the marvellously mundane.

The exhibition features photography by Sharmaarke Ali Adan, film by SSCOPE, music by HMD and 3D sculptural installation by Somali Architecture.

See My Dunya is an experiment, a local and grass roots initiative conceived in conjunction with Big People Music as way of carving out a space in dialogue with the Somali community in Manchester.

This exhibition will Launch in HOME as part of: Push Festival 2019

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