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Paper Piano Exhibition

Paper Piano – A Retrospective

For the last 10 years, Paper Piano have been creating music related artwork and packaging. More recently they have focused on hand-made books; this combination of music and books makes them the ideal label to exhibit at The Henry Watson Music Library.

Paper Piano have worked with many illustrious musicians and bands. Included in the exhibition will be releases that have featured local talent including Mark Hoyle, SPIRIT:level, and Gideon Conn. Near neighbours The Declining Winter also make an appearance as do Motohiro Nakashima and Birds Humming the Beat, both from Japan.

The exhibition will be split into two halves. The first half will focus on Paper Piano music and books, but will also reference one-off works such as “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists” collage, currently displayed at the Working Class Movement Library, Salford. Highlights include SPIRIT:level’s concrete plinth and The Oreoh!s Pompom EP, two CD’s wrapped up in wool that can’t be played until a pompom is made. The second half is dedicated to the multidisciplinary artist, DJ Goalpost. His work is even more varied and playful and almost impossible to categorize. Things to look out for here include a CD hand sewn into the shorts from a Stockport County football kit and “Don’t Give Up On Us” by David Soulpost, DJ Goalpost’s alter-ego.

Throughout the time the exhibition is taking place there will be a series of events featuring Paper Piano artists and also the opportunity to buy some limited edition artworks.

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