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Manchester Animation Festival (MAF): Animation Mixtape: 2020 Edition

Manchester Animation Festival (MAF) is the UK’s largest Animation Festival and is dedicated to the celebration of the animated art form. Hosted in the Manchester Central Library and at HOME, the festival is the UK’s biggest animation hub, inviting people from Manchester and beyond to share in all things animated. A hybrid festival for 2021, MAF will take place from 14-30 November, in person and online. Passes are available to purchase here

Last year in 2020, the eclectic animated short films programme of Manchester Animation Festival found their home on the small screen online, but now we’re bringing them to the big screen where they rightfully belong! Come down to Manchester Central Library to watch these short films throughout the day in hourly screening slots. More details on the films and ticket information can be found on the MAF website. Tickets for this event are FREE, though advanced booking is strongly advised.

If you’re an organisation or group who would like to talk more about getting involved with MAF in the future, please contact MAF’s Audience Development Manager, Hannah at [email protected] 

The films which will be screened are as follows: 

Part 1 (12A): 12:00-13:00

Cosmonaut (Dir Kaspar Jancis/Estonia 2019/12 mins/No Dialogue)

The Quiet (Dir Radheya Jegatheva /Australia 2019 /10 mins /English)

Chant of The Printing Machine (Dir Patrcija Māra Vilsone /Latvia 2019 /2 mins/ No Dialogue)

The Quiet Power of Introverts (Dir Sofja Umarik /UK 2019/ 4 mins/ English)

Shadows (Dir Phoebe Halstead and Angie Phillips/ UK 2019/ 2 mins/ English)

Plan For Peace (Dir Leo Crane /UK 2020 / 3 mins/ English)

The Great Malaise (Dir Catherine Lepage /Canada 2019 /5 mins/Niihau Hawaiian with English subtitles)

Kapaemahu (Dir Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer Joe Wilson, Daniel Sousa /United States 2020 /9 mins /English)

The Rest of My Days (Dir Jack Antoine Charlot /France 2020 /4 mins /English)

The Last Train (Dir Ross Hogg /UK 2019 /2 mins /English)

My Favourite Hill (Dir Christopher Childs /UK 2020 /4 mins /English)                                         

Part 2 (12A): 13:30 – 14:30

Pearl Diver (Dir Margrethe Danielsen/ Norway 2021/ 9 mins/ No Dialogue) 

Songs of the City (Dir Adelina Court/ UK 2020/ 3 mins/ English) 

LLS – Grace (Dir Natalie Labarre/ United States 2019/ 1 min/ English) 

A dog by your side (Dir Selina Wagner/ UK 2019/ 2 mins/ English) 

University of Tyumen: Becoming Bold (Dir Max Kulikov/ Russia 2020/ 1 min/ Russian).

Delphine: No Dogs (Dir Anayis N. Der Hakopian/ UK 2020/ 4 mins/ English) 

Alex and Mr Fluffkins (Dir Adeena Grubb and Andy Biddle/ UK 2020/ 1 min/ English)

Tick (Dir Fabienne Priess & Levin Tamoj/ Germany 2019/ 5 mins/ No Dialogue) 

Biplane Model Kit (Dir Tine Kluth/ UK 2020/ 4 mins/ English)

The Physics of Sorrow (Dir Theodore Ushev/ Canada 2019/ 27 mins/ English) 

Part 3 (15): 15:00 – 15:30

The Passerby (Dir Pieter Coudyzer/ Belgium 2020/ 16 mins/ Dutch)

Fail in love – Berlin (Dir Cécile Rousset, Romain Blanc-Tailleur, Adrienne Nowak/ France 2020/ 4 mins/ English) 

Kroger – Aerobics (Dir César Pelizer/ United States 2020/ 1 min/ English)                  

Gardener & Bumblebee (Dir Ignas Meilunas/ Lithuania 2020/ 1 min/ Lithuanian)     

HerStory: Máire Ní Chinnéide (Dir Richard Keane/ Ireland 2020/ 2 mins/ English)  

The Song Of A Lost Boy (Dir Daniel Quirke/ UK 2020/ 10 mins/ English)  

Beyond Noh (Dir Patrick Smith/ United States 2020/ 4 mins/ English)                      

Genius Loci (Dir Adrien Mérigeau/ France 2019/ 16 mins/ French)

PANDICULATION (Dir Konrad Hjemli, Jakob Eiring/ Norway 2020/ 3 mins/ English) 

Part 4 (15): 17:00 – 18:00

I, Barnabé (Dir Jean-François Lévesque/ Canada 2020/ 15 mins/ No Dialogue) 

The Winter (Dir Xin Li/ Australia 2020/ 4 mins/ English)

The Guardians (Dir AgainstAllOdds/ France 2019/ 2 mins/ No Dialogue)

Ellie’s Story (Dir Claire Grey/ UK 2020/ 4 mins/ English)  

Flesh (Dir Camilia Kater/ Spain 2019/ 12 mins/ Portuguese)

Yes-People (Dir Gísli Darri Halldórsson/ Iceland 2020/ 8 mins/ Icelandic) 

The Last Mother (Dir Megan De Jong/ Netherlands 2020/ 3 mins/ No Dialogue) 

Pearls (Dir Idan Barzilay/ Germany 2019/ 3 mins/ Music Video) 

Hijack139 (Dir Joachim Berg & Sondre Johre/ Norway 2020/ 6 mins/ English)               

Part 5 (18): 18:30 – 19:30

ALTÖTTING (Dir Andreas Hykade/ Germany 2020/ 11 mins/ English)                        

Brother Ezekiel (Dir Leon Elliot/ Ireland 2019/ 9 mins English) 

100,000 Acres of Pine (Dir Jennifer Alice Wright/ France 2020/ 7 mins/ English)

Carrion (Launch Trailer) (Dir CRCR/ France 2020/ 2 mins/ English)

Habito – The Climb (Dir Andy Baker/ United States 2020/ 1 min/ English)  

Big Fish (Dir Samantha Turner & Céline Ufenast/ UK 2020/ 2 mins/ No Dialogue)       

My Dream, My Taste (Dir Emily Downe/ UK 2020/ 3 mins/ English)
And Something Else (Dir Olga Kłyszewicz/ Poland 2020/ 7 mins/ English) 

Disorder (Dir Robert Grieves/ Australia 2020/ 4 mins/ English)

Brazen – Mae Jemison (Dir Charlotte Cambon & Mai Nguyen/ France 2019/ 3 mins/ English) 

Washing Machine (Dir Alexandra Májová/ Czech Republic 2020/ 5 mins/ No Dialogue)

Clown Suit (Dir The Brothers Mcleod/ UK 2019/ 3 mins/ English)     

Free – booking strongly advised                     

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