“The band has been described as “Imagine Eric Dolphy playing Stravinsky-esque circus music and you’ll get some inkling of the kind of music that Early Nite make.”
Free Range, Canterbury

“The compositions are all written quickly, and with no undue preciousness. We then try to learn the music in an equally quick way, resulting in a high turnaround of material. We like the process of approaching concerts with fresh material each time, which stops us from falling into the traps of repeating ourselves. A review from our performance at Smugglers Festival said that “Early Nite play rapid-fire off-kilter grooves with invention, precision and a very dry wit.” 

“Musically, some of the influences that we might identify with would be Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time band, Henry Threadgill’s trio AIR, Fluxus performance pieces and DADA’s destructive and primal spirit. Perhaps the most integral aspect of Early Nite however, is the necessity to have extreme amounts of fun during our performances, and for that to translate to our audience.”

A Manchester Jazz Festival event 

Free – please drop in (subject to availability)