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Janine Booth Book Launch: The Big J vs The Big C

The Big J vs The Big C: Issues, Experiences and Poems in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

With special guest poet Laura Taylor.

Poet, author and activist Janine Booth was part of the ranting poetry movement of the ‘80s,
performing as ‘The Big J’. In late 2016, she discovered a strange indentation in her right breast and
was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer. In this collection of candid journal extracts, poetry,
meticulous research and substantive politics, Janine details her journey from detection and
diagnosis, through surgery, to ‘getting over it’.

“This book is a must for all health care workers – doctors, nurses, students, caterers, cleaners, porters
– the team needed by patients facing The Big C.” – Dr Coral Jones, GP & Chair Hackney South and Shoreditch Labour Party

“I picked up this book expecting to be educated, entertained and amused. I put it down having ticked
all of those boxes. The NHS is quite literally the best thing there is in the entire world. We must never
stop fighting for it.” – Kate Smurthwaite, comedian & activist

“Full of clarity, worry, humour, explanations about how capitalism hampers medical practice and
love, praise and commitment to the NHS. It demystifies and humanises the cancer experience and
inspires and entertains the reader.” – Morning Star

Janine Booth is a Marxist, trade unionist, Labour Party member, socialist-feminist, supporter of
Workers’ Liberty, autistic, bi, author, poet, disaffected middle-aged woman. She works on London
Underground and is active in the RMT trade union, having previously represented its London
Transport members on the union’s National Executive. Janine is Chair of the union’s Disabled
Members’ Advisory Committee and a member of the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee. She writes
and delivers trade union training, particularly on equalities issues, and speaks widely on socialist
politics, history, disabled people’s rights, autism and neurodiversity.

Published by Flapjack Press
Shortlisted Best Northern Publisher, Northern Soul Awards
“Publishes the most cutting-edge poetic performers.” – Writing Manchester