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Ghana and its Contemporary Global Relations with Professor Adams Bodomo

In this evening session Professor Adams Bodomo, Head of African Studies at the University of Vienna, discusses Ghana’s contemporary position in global politics and international relations.  Starting with a brief history of Ghana since its establishment as a new nation in 1957, Professor Bodomo will outline the country’s socio-political, socio-economic, and socio-cultural context before focusing on the Ghana’s contemporary global relations. He will consider government-to-government relations with world bodies and regions, such as Europe and the West, China and Asia, and the Caribbean islands nations, as well as people-to-people relations across the many diasporic populations in major cities like London and Manchester.

Prof. Dr. Adams Bodomo, a native of Ghana, is professor of African studies at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is the author of over 10 books and over a 100 journal articles and book chapters. Two of his most recent book publications are Africans in China (Cambria Press, 2012) and The Globalization of Foreign Investment in Africa: The Role of Europe, China and India (Emerald Publishing, 2017). The research presented in this talk is part of the speaker’s next book project titled ‘Africa and its Global Relations’.

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