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Freelance Giggle-oh: The 2nd Thingy from Daniel Hutchings

In 2014 Daniel Hutchings made Django Away! (the j is silent). Now he’s back and he’s on the brink of success beyond his wildest dreams.

Daniel Hutchings is the self-proclaimed Freelance Giggle-oh and he’s got his big break on Gemma Wilde’s show. Hutchings is introduced to the world with such fascinating facts as his favourite colour (“Denim”) and his favourite food (“Any”). When he is asked how he came to be on the show he takes us back to when he met a theatrical agent called Mr Patient, the first person he felt really saw his potential to make the world a happier place.

From Mr Patient’s office, our Freelance Giggle-oh weaves us a movie in and around memories and imagination. Through comedy gigs and door-to-door entertaining, adverts and trips into comedy history, fantastical notions and serendipitous acquaintances, we see Hutchings’ secret fantasies and deepest fears as he remembers the stuff he’s done and imagines the stuff he’d like to do in the continuing adventures of your Freelance Giggle-oh: trying to make the world a happier place, one laugh at a time.

Suitable for all ages

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