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Deaf Education & Audiology: A Journey through Artefacts, Archives and Creativity

The histories and lived experiences of deafness are rich and complex. Extraordinary technological advances have been made in the exploration of hearing, alongside a better appreciation of the social and psychological impact of sensory perception on learning. The materials displayed offer an insight into the varied historical and contemporary approaches in deaf education and audiology, from a range of perspectives. The exhibition also provokes questions around how we understand, collect and communicate D/deafness in a dominant hearing world. The exhibition is part of the 100 year anniversary celebrations of Deaf Education and Audiology at The University of Manchester.

Curated by Dr Jenna C. Ashton

Lecture and Programme Director of Heritage Studies, The University of Manchester

Free – please drop in


[image –¬†Complexities of Lived Experience (2019), by Lawiza Tahir]