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Conserving Manchester Town Hall’s heritage: Restoring the Town Hall Clock. Afternoon Session.

Manchester Town Hall has been closed since January 2018 for an extensive restoration programme that will repair and upgrade the building to modern standards. The work will include the conservation of many heritage features.

Our series of Heritage Lectures aims to shine a light on some of the fascinating work that’s been going on behind the scenes. We’ve already heard about the work on our paintings and mosaic flooring; now it’s time to turn our attention to the magnificent clock that has kept time above the city since New Year’s Day in 1879.

Having maintained our timepiece for over 25 years, the Cumbria Clock Co have gathered a wealth of history about it. They’ll describe the work they’ve done to date and how they removed the mechanics to their workshops for repair, conservation, and precision monitoring. The repair of the carillon is already underway, and they’ll include some detail about that too.

Join us in Central Library for a chance to hear direct from the Cumbria Clocks team and find out just what it’s like to bring 21st century conservation skills to the Our Town Hall Project. The lecture is free to attend but please book your place.


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