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Breaking the News Exhibition and Archive Handling Sessions

The news has the power to make or break elections, to change the course of history or to alter our perspective on the city and country we live in. We expect the news to speak truth to power, but can it ever really be objective? Is your news the same as everyone else’s? How do you use the news to navigate the world around you?

Central Library will be hosting a series of pop-up handling sessions tied in with the new Breaking the News Exhibition at the British Library.The sessions will be looking at how major local, regional and international events have been reported using the original newspapers and magazines from the time. Come and see how the major events of the last 200 years were reported.

How did local and national newspapers reflect the two World Wars and the struggle for Women’s Rights.

How did the Manchester Evening News report significant local events from the Munich Air Crash to the Manchester Blitz.

How does a newspaper’s own perspective (Socialist Worker, Gay Times, Private Eye affect the way it reports on the world).

The display runs from February 24th until August 21th 2022 and alongside the display panels we will be running regular weekly handling sessions. Dates for the handling sessions will be announced very soon.

Breaking the News: The Launch Debate will be live streamed from Leeds Central Library this Thursday 24th February at 7pm. You can register for this FREE event here.

The major new Breaking the News Exhibition will be at the British Library from 22 April to 21 August 2022.