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A Northern Life – it’s not all about Margaret

Lorraine Rudyard creates three-dimensional sculptures using recycled materials and vintage finds, encapsulated in story boxes. Her work is very Northern and what you will see are closely observed people and lots of lovely details and references to Lorraine’s childhood, i.e. a budgie in a cage named Monty, a bathroom scene with fish wall-paper that are memories from her grandmother’s house. Other story boxes include Lorraine’s favourite poem ‘The Jumblies’ by Edward Lear and other references to childhood literature.

Lorraine’s work was accepted for both the 2020 and the 2022 Manchester Open Exhibitions: Everyone’s an Artist. Her 2020 piece, ‘Have you Been Anywhere Nice?’, sold to a private collector. Another one of her artworks was selected for The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art in 2022, and another artwork in 2022 was selected for The Harley Gallery Open Call. More recently ‘Please Come to My Party, Pleeese ?’ was selected for the Bury Art Museum Open Call.

You can’t miss Our Margaret – Lorraine’s muse, spot Margaret by her huge smile, sunglasses, shopping trolly and umbrella, whatever the weather or occasion. Viewers especially like Margaret’s stories, which are often hinted at by the title of the picture connecting their own stories to the pictures. Lorraine says, ‘I love Margaret- she is a joy to create. I like the idea that I can make something from nothing and the treasures I find can live on, connecting my pictures to the past. My hope is that you as a viewer will appreciate the playfulness of my work – that it will put a smile on your face as well as appeal to your senses for a lost way of life.’

To date, Lorraine has completed several commissions including a piece of legacy art, ‘A Grand Day Out’, that was commissioned by Heritage Schools for Central Library. Lorraine also has many collectors of her artwork up and down the country.

A full catalogue of her work can be found @lorrainerudyard_mixedmediaart

Please direct all inquiries to lorrainerudyard-art @outlook.com

Free – drop in. Please make a donation to support our Library Live cultural programme at one of our cash or contactless donation boxes or online